Starting from a product, our wines, of the highest quality, for your most important moments making them exclusive and unforgettable, we have created a crew able to create exclusive products that fully reflect your personality.

Creativity, professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail our features at your disposal.


Professionals in the sector, following your ideas, your needs and advising you, will carry out a graphic studio able to satisfy and make your dreams come true for your most important day.

Labels to apply on the bottle, for the neck of the bottle, bags for bottles and customized wooden boxes, numbered labels, exclusive packaging designed for your events.


Possibility of choosing between the different types of bottles that best reflect your personality.

 1 – Bordolese:

originating from the Bordeaux area, is the most widespread bottle on the market. It is usually dark for red wines while generally transparent or light green for white wines.
2 – Bordolese a spalla alta:

deriving from the previous one, this form gives a greater elegance and therefore is used for particular and refined red wines.
3 – Champagnotta:

suitable for classic method sparkling wines or Champagne, the glass of this bottle compared to the previous ones, has a greater thickness as it must withstand the pressure exerted by the wine.

4 – Champagne Cuvee:
derived from the previous one, it has a wider base and a longer neck.

5 – Renana o Alsaziana:

ideal for storing white wines, this bottle has a more elongated and tapered shape.

6 – Marsalese:

as the name suggests, this is the bottle used for the conservation of Marsala. The glass is dark brown or black.

7 – Albeisa:

it is generally used for the conservation of red wines of Piedmont. The bottle is dark to allow a better refinement of the product.
8 – Borgogna o Borgognotta:

this green bottle is often used for storing great Burgundy wines.

9 – Bocksbeutel o Pulcianella:

it is rounded and green in color. Used for the conservation of Franconian red wines.

10 – Porto:

generally used for Iberian liqueur wines such as Porto or Sherry, it often appears with different shades of green or brown.
11 – Anfora:
it is generally used in France for the bottling of wines from Provence. Some Italian companies use it for preserving Verdicchio.

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